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¡Discover the excitement of night padel in our exclusive ranking! If you are a person who still has energy when the night comes, this competition is perfect for you. With night matches, we offer you the flexibility to participate after your daytime commitments and thus enjoy your passion for padel.

We know that many times it’s difficult to make time for what we like most. We have the perfect ranking for the busiest! Take advantage of the perfect break in the heart of the day to clear your head, enjoy the sun and test your skills on our courts. There is nothing better than a game of padel at noon to recharge your batteries and break the routine.

Friday padel + grill has arrived in Palma Pádel. Play a mini-tournament with great prizes every week and earn points to be the champion at the end of the month. Your partner will be chosen in a drawing at the beginning of each Friday. They will alternate and you will have more opportunities to meet people. Finally, after the games, enjoy the great barbecue held by our Essencial bar/restaurant.


No cancellation made less than 24 hours before the start of the cancellation will be entitled to a refund.‍

If the cancellation with less than 24 hours is reserved by another client, they will have the right to a refund in their proportional part.